Can the Apple’s Lightning to USB C charging cable be used as a port adapter to connect USB C female port DACs like the Shanling UA2 to my iPhone? I’m trynna cut the cost since the Apple’s camera adapter with extra lighting port to charge simultaneously comes at 4000rs but charging cable cost 1900!!

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I want to make use of the Apple Music’s HiFi tier but since i don’t have some gears, I’m using my AirPlay enabled DAC which i think is limited to 24-bit/44.1kHz!! I don’t want to buy lightning to 3.5mm connector and instead i want to buy a dedicated DAC but I’m having connectivity issues with my iPhone. That’s why i thought that since the Shanling UA2 uses a female USB C port and comes with a USB C to C cable to connect with MacBooks, why not if we are able to connect it with our iPhone using the lightning to USB C cable, that’s the same thing right? Please reply me if you have something relatable DAC, i mean if you have an iPhone and also some DAC with female port DAC. I could buy camera adapter but i think this is the cheapest workaround possible, and with third party cables i can get the lightning to c cable at super cheap but of great quality and mfi certified like the amazon basics cables.

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