Band out of nowhere and from nowhere (HORNETS!)

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I've recently discovered a song on my weekly discovery, every Monday I'm always curious about what song may I get on my weekly discovery from spotify, I usually listen to all of the songs so I spend most of my Monday listening to it on repeat, I really like to discover new music so I can show it to my friends. As I always do I load on spotify and click on my weekly created playlist, as usual I click on the first song and start my music session, the songs were really nothing special, while listening to it my little brother who's blind enters the room and asks me to listen to the playlist with me (bonding with me little bro :p), we were vibing to the music but as I said nothing really interesting, but then this song comes up, the song in question is called 'For Our Cycles', it started with this riff that quickly captured our attention then the drums come in and we got so invested, with that intro we just had to vibe immediately, when the vocals enter my brother just said "oh, I thought we were listening to your weekly discovery", this question was kinda weird so I asked him why did he say that, he replied "those are the Arctic monkeys right?" (I'm a huge fan of AM so yeah my playlist has a lot of AM), we weren't looking at the screen because we usually eat while listening but I quickly opened the tab of spotify expecting that the song was an old single by the arctic monkeys but when I saw the name of the band it was HORNETS! (All capital and an exclamation at the end) I was so surprised because they sounded like AM!! but different it was something new, like the new indie and alt rock from the 2000's mixed, I loved the song it surely was the best of the week but when I wanted to keep listening to them I found out that was their only song, I checked their profile info and it was some made up misleading story with no info whatsoever, then I entered the single and the song was released on Sunday........ the song is just amazing and if they are a literal newborn band I'm so intrigued and kind of excited to see their next work they just have so much potential to be the next great and big thing I'm really praying for them to be different because we're now in an era full of indie rock and "aesthetic" music, I'm not saying I don't like it but I really want to listen to a new proposal in rock music and this song.. is something. GIVE IT A LISTEN:

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