Anyone else attribute certain songs or bands to a specific point in your life?

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I’m extremely nostalgic, and it seems the dog days of the pandemic have made this even worse. Walking through a store or flipping through the radio I will often hear a certain song that takes me right back to a certain point or time in my life, it’s incredible how music can make us feel this strongly. Last year, before the pandemic began I was spending time away at college in upstate NY. Being homesick and victim of rainy and gloomy weather there was lots of alternative being played. MGMT, Coldplay, and Naked Eyes. Haven’t really listened to them since. But if I’m walking through the supermarket and “Little Dark Age” is playing BOOM I’m taken right back to a rainy night in my dorm room. Driving past my old middle school? BOOM instant desire to turn on Capital Cities, safe and sound or whatever else was popular at the time. I even have this strong sense of nostalgia for my dad when he was my age in the 1980s. The music gives off this vibe that I can’t describe.

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